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JPL Logistics & Transportation
Provides door to door services leading in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Venezuela.
Other destinations include Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Cabo Verde, Ecuador, Africa, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, And many others on the way.

Air & Ocean Services:
At JPL Logistics & Transportation  all of our shipments are carefully tracked every step of the way in the logistics process with our automated pre-alerts or shipping advisers vial e-mail and/or fax, which in turn facilitates communication between our customer and their broker, consignee or third party 
JPL Logistics Transportation offers the most affordable rates while maintaining the service requirements of your time-sensitive products. We can custom tailor an air service program for you or combine any of the following services to meet your airfreight or ocean needs.

Ground Services:
We protect the financial interest of shippers while their cargo is exposed during transit. Considering the journey that shipments must make before completing the sale and consequent benefits. it makes business sense to protect oneself from the perils of storm, fire, collision and carrier mishandling. 
So, whether you need simple Import or Export Container Hauling, Transloading, full container storage, or warehousing and Interstate Services, we are well placed and ready for new long term clients.

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