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"A family owned business, Jose "Chuy" Ramirez, Francisco "Paco" Ariza have more than 10 years of combined experience in the logistic field, providing services all over the world. We export merchandise, we can pick up your cargo locally and deliver anywhere in the world via Air, Land or Sea.  

"Shipments leaving to Miami, San Francisco and New York daily. Every item is insured until reaching final destination  in over 53 countries worldwide. You are notified of your cargo every step of the way for your peace of mind."

Francisco "Paco" Ariza, General Manager 

Anything. Anywhere. Anytime. No barriers. Wherever your goods need to go and whenever they need to get there, we are there to make it happen. JPL Logistics & Transportation offers an integrated service in all aspects of domestic and overseas shipping and cargo handling.

Growth for us, has always meant adding greater expertise and expanding the options we offer you as a customer of JPL Logistics Transportation. There is nobody like JPL Logistics & Transportation that has the expertise and resources to ensure that your cargo is efficiently and effectively shipped door-to-door, airport-to-airport or port-to-port.


JPL Logistics Transportation expertise in all modes of transportation allows us to create optimum supply chain.

JPL Logistics & Transportation provides door to door service  in fact, we are the leaders in Santo Domingo, Colombia , El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico y Venezuela.

Other destinations include: Saint Lucia, St. Vincent, Cabo Verde, Ecuador, Africa, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Trinidad y Tobago and many other destinations.

Daily truck Miami, New York and San Francisco

We offer packaging services and export in container freight transportation all over the world...

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We offer estimates and try to meet your expectations for your satisfaction. Your cargo is tracked every step of the way so that you are 
kept informed, all our packages are insured until final destination is reached. Safe & Reliable services is what JPL stands for. 
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